Human civilization is fortunate enough to be on a peaceful planet with transparent atmosphere. Today science is absolutely sure that this maybe bizarre fact, has inestimable and destiny designed role in the development of the individual and collective conscience of people, as well as in the organization of the community life.
Transparent atmosphere allowed people to look at the Sun, Moon, stars and planets, as inseparable part of the world where they live from the beginning of the times and where they fight to survive.

From one side, in the past the untouched sky and celestial objects caused fear and respect among the people, two things that played the key role in the creation of the religious conscience and spirituality as one of the human civilization components.

From the other side, careful observations of the periodical movements and shape of the celestial objects enable people to become familiar with the time, to discover and to formulate the laws of the nature crafting in such way the pillars of the scientific view to the world and also they developed the rationality and creativity as second important human civilization component.

In science nowadays there are two interdisciplinary sciences that are studying the influence of the sky shape and the celestial objects movements in the course of the human civilization development. These sciences are the archaeo-astronomy and ethnoastronomy.

In the past years on the territory of Republic of Macedonia a lot of efforts were engaged in collecting ethno-astronomical data and realization of archaeoastronomical analyzes on the archaeological sites. For a very short period of time there were initial, but it can be said very important outcomes that from one side show the direction to all interested researchers that are willing to work in these scientific fields, and from the other side that raise the awareness of the public for its own roots and cultural heritage. This is especially in relation to the Megalithic Observatory Kokino ranged as 4th on the list of the Worlds ancient observatories in 2005, published by American Space Agency-NASA.

These pages will be place where all current knowledge in the fields of archaeo-astronomy and ethno-astronomy will be presented, pages that will be adequately maintained and loaded with all future discoveries occurring in this domain on the territory of Republic of Macedonia.

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